Jerry and Denise have been married for over 40 years and co-direct The Father’s Heart Intensive Christian Counseling Ministry. They both grew up in the same rural town in Michigan, and previously lived in Texas, Virginia, and now Georgia.  

      Both Jerry and Denise completed Master's Degrees in Christian Counseling at Regent (CBN) University in Virginia Beach, with Jerry completing an additional Master's Degree in Theology, and Denise, a Post Master's Certificate with a Biblical Counseling emphasis.

     They are certified as Prayer Counselors from the Elijah House School for the Ministry of Christian Coun-seling and hold Master's Degrees in Higher Education from Michigan State University. Prior to receiving the Lord's call on their lives to pastoral ministry, they both held teaching and administrative positions at the college and university level for 20 years. Jerry is also an ordained pastor.

      Jerry and Denise now reside in the beautiful North Georgia mountains with their border collies, Grace and Skye. They see clients in a retreat-like setting for intensive periods of two to five days. They have counseled individuals and couples from across the United States and around the globe.








This book is absolutely phenomenal! Jerry and Denise do a wonderful job of explaining why loving ourselves the way God loves us is biblical and desired by God. They also do a great job of walking readers through the areas in our lives and past that may be hindering us from loving ourselves the way God desires for us to. The book is filled with powerful personal testimonies, practical and impactful exercises and Spirit led prayers within every chapter! This book is simply a MUST READ that will bless anyone who decides to read it.                    

This book by Jerry and Denise should be required reading for every Christian. If it is read and applied, it will change your life. Awesome book by awesome people. I am so excited about this book that words fail me. I don’t think I have read anything like it: personal and didactic at the same time with a very easy flow. I felt like I was sitting in the counseling room across from Jerry and Denise. I thought of my clients in the addiction center and I can see it transforming lives. I will buy this in bulk.

I have been leading several women's groups on The Missing Commandent: Love Yourself, and I can't tell you what life transforming changes I have witnessed each and every week. The truths being spoken that flow from the pages are wonderful. The book goes very deep into YOU as a beloved child of God who longs for your inner healing. Expect tears . . . lots of tears, but healing tears! You have to go through the pain to get to the other side which is freedom from past wounds. This is going to be a prerequisite class before taking any of my other bible studies. Loving yourself the way God loves you is an amazing “cloud-walk”on earth!

This book is written for both men and women. After I read the first chapter I reached out to the authors personally because they had hit the spot that people need most—to love themselves. I ordered a case and put it in the hands of my family and friends. Reading the truth in this book both personally helped me but also many others in my business, ministry and members of my foundation.

Great read; great insight, I feel closer to God by dealing with my inner life. I found this book very helpful. In line with John Eldredge and A. Tozer.

Finally I have a single, solid book to give clients which can help them get to the real issue under the issues. I heartily recommend this book.

The Missing Commandment blew me away from the start.

Jerry and Denise Basel know counseling, they know the Bible, and they know the heart and character of God. They have a deep understanding of the transformative work that Jesus accomplished in us through His death and resurrection, and they know how it applies to our lives. Better yet, they know how to help us apply it, something that has been proven through the many lives that have been changed through their long years of counseling ministry. This is no ivory-tower theology; it's the power of the gospel--of Christ in us and we in Him--shining its gracious light on our darkest, most painful inner chambers and proclaiming a better, higher reality.

Jerry and Denise share frankly about their own struggles as well as the heartbreaking wounds and heartwarming breakthroughs of some of their clients. For those who are weary of jumping through holy hoops trying to please God...for men and women wounded by abuse, trapped by addictions, and haunted by the past...for the lonely soul that has never felt good enough, or validated, or loved...all I can say is, please, please read this book. It is written for you, from the heart to the heart. The Missing Commandment is honest, passionate, and full of applied truth that can turn "life-changing" from an oft-repeated cliche into your personal experience. Because God doesn't just love everyone--He loves YOU in particular with a fathomless intensity. YOU. That truth, once it ignites in your heart, can free you to love and to live the way He created you to, fully and gladly, regardless of your circumstances. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to be freed from shame and past hurts and opened up to receive God's love. For the first time in my life I know I am loved and cherished by Him.

My husband went to counseling with Jerry and Denise about 17 years ago. Since he was well acquainted with the authors we decided to order their book and read it together. It is by far the best book we've ever read. For the first time in our lives we are just beginning to understand God's immense love for us and the wonderful gift of His grace. We are not under the law and God is for us and delights in us! Don't hesitate to purchase this book. It is a must read for everyone!!

This is a must read for people who want to continue their personal healing journey. The authors, Jerry and Denise, do an amazing job of capturing the essence and vital truths gathered through their 30+ years of helping others find their way back to the Father's Heart. What sets this book apart is the many personal experiences that are expertly arranged to bring home liberating truths. As a result, there are many AH-HA moments when suddenly you see something you had never seen before. Throughout its pages, an invitation is being extended to the reader to come to a safe place and unpack their bag of life. Many types of issues are discussed and explored from the platform of real-life scenarios. A key element of making this such a “real” approach to these issues is that the authors do not exclude themselves from this same human journey. Interwoven throughout are the transparent accounts of facing their own fears, pain and weaknesses.

The truths found in this book have the potential to bring a greater degree of freedom to the reader's heart, and even more importantly, to dispel the dark clouds that keep us from seeing the Father's loving face. Along with a suggested prayer there are additional discovery questions at the end of each chapter. I plan on reading this book again soon, as it is definitely a wonderful tool to help me strengthen the connection I have with the Lover of my soul.

Very insightful and powerful book. Offers a realistic path to God-empowered change. The real life examples are spot on. Well written, lovingly written, full of wisdom.

Awesome book, a real eye opener! I felt like the writers knew me! I'm starting to read it again!

I've met these authors and am working through this journey. This is the best and most comprehensive book on participating with God in your own healing. What a blessing! Thank you guys so much.

I'm only half way through this book and absolutely recommend it to everyone! I want to buy it as gifts and give them to family and friends. There's so many spot on points in here and I can pretty much relate to everything it talks about. Very well written and easy to go along. I also love the prayers at the end of each chapter. Highly recommend for people like me who need to be reminded every day that you are loved no matter what. And in order to fully love others in a healthy way, that you must love yourself first.

I am using the book, study guide and CD with a friend and getting so much out of it!

Buy this book!! I think anyone who is seeking to be whole would benefit from knowing how much love God has for them. This book shows the reader the truth about how God feels about us. It is for those who have brokenness in their lives and cannot find an explanation. Those with genuine hearts who have been striving to meet God's approval and earn his love. Really, it is for anyone who sees himself as somehow "less than" and wants desperately not to be.

The Missing Commandment will bring you the freedom you have been looking for your whole life. It is radical in that it teaches how God feels about us, rather than how we THINK he feels about us. It shares the truth that has been forgotten over time and in teaching, which is that "Loving yourself isn't selfish!" This teaching broke through my hard head, and melted my heart. It can do the same for you.


Highly recommend this book!

I'm very glad I decided to get this book. I wasn't sure how much more there could be after reading their phenomenal first book (The Missing Commandment: Love Yourself), but Wow! Love the format of the shorter daily-style readings. So many of the readings were just what I needed to hear on that particular day/time. It's almost like having a personal cheerleader to keep me moving toward a deeper relationship with God. A well-written book that keeps hope alive despite the tough times in our journey. Thanks, Jerry & Denise for sharing God's love through this work.

You will find the Heart of the Father through these pages

I discovered Jerry and Denise's book, The Missing Commandment: Love Yourself, when I was beginning to realize that I didn't really love myself well. I literally did a web search of books on how to love myself, within the area of Christian books and authors. The Missing Commandment was one of the first that I came across and it seemed intriguing. And it was hot off the press! I found a gem of a book and one that led me to great healing and realization of wounds that Father God wanted to heal in me. The pages of my copy are dog eared and marked up. I have come to a new place in life where I am experiencing great healing and freedom. All because I wanted to learn how to love myself.

When Jerry and Denise published this new book, Loving God, Loving Myself, I knew it was going to be another gem. That it is! It consists of daily reminders of the healing journey that Father God wants to continue in me. For anyone seeking healing of soul wounds and wanting to experience freedom through knowing the Father's heart and love for you, this is an excellent book to read. Jerry and Denise are personal, honest and represent the Father and Mother heart of God. I recommend both of these books for anyone seeking healing and the Father's Love.

Counseling from Jerry and Denise in their beautiful retreat setting

I received counseling from Jerry and Denise in their wonderful retreat setting in the mountains of North Georgia. It was a very precious time of healing, wholeness and freedom for me. Now about 5 years later, this book has taken me back to that time. Reading this book one chapter at a time is like sitting in a session with them. Each chapter is very specifically geared to a healing insight that was lovingly imparted to me. Old patterns are easier to stay out of with this source of review at my fingertips. Jerry and Denise's love for people and passion for their wholeness seeps through and oozes out of what they have written. They are real people and this book is a gem.

The prayers and suggestions helped me move forward

Sometimes it is difficult to know where to begin or restart the process of healing and growth. This book helps me identify thoughts or behaviors that are still lingering even though I thought I had completed the healing process. It also helps identify areas I did not realize I was stuck or holding false beliefs. I find it encouraging to read about others who have similar thoughts and feelings, it reminds me that I am not alone. I like the prayers and suggestions so that I know what to do with the thoughts, feelings, behaviors and can move forward rather than just open the wound and stay stuck. I am working thru this individually but could see it as a very helpful book to read and discuss with someone else or in a group setting. Excellent book!

Life Changing MUST READ!!!

This is an absolutely phenomenal book!
Having read and thoroughly enjoyed Jerry and Denise's other book, The Missing Commandment, I found this as a perfect complement to it. It takes the same valuable concepts, revolving around the importance of us loving ourselves, and shares them in daily increments. This book can be considered a devotional, but it is so much more! The Basel's walk us through the process of truly loving ourselves one step at a time and even if you haven't read The Missing Commandment, you can honestly start with this book and gain so much from it. It will take readers on a transforming 11-week journey that can change their lives for the better!

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this book to any and everyone who has a serious desire to love themselves fully!!!

Life Changing

Please be good to yourself and get this book! This bible based personal issue oriented work is truly life changing. This daily devotional lines up with scripture while addressing personal issues of the heart, spirit and mind.

You will love this book!!!

Five Stars

Great book! Must read! It reveals the fathers heart for you in new and exciting ways!!

From knowing that I should love myself to actually doing it

What a blessing this book AND it's authors have been to my life! From knowing that I should love myself to actually doing it...WOW!!!!! The biggest ah-ha is that to love myself is to love God and to love Him is to be able to love myself!!!

Read it again "many" times.

I really plan on making it a point to read both "Loving God, Loving Myself" and "The Missing Commandment: Love Yourself" every year. There's just so much good stuff to remember! These books both rate a TEN!

Five Stars

When I was hurting... this book helped me heal.




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