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 Jerry and Denise Basel

© 2014 Jerry and Denise Basel.  All rights reserved.

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The Missing Commandment-Love Yourself Chapter 1 (website).pdf

Read the Table of Contents, Introduction, and Chapters 1 and 2


I have known Jerry and Denise for the better part of three decades. These two academics-turned-well-trained-counselors know suffering hearts and the heart of God like few others. In The Missing Commandment: Love Yourself, they place emotional and spiritual health on a solid foundation of love—for God, for others, and for self.

—Gary W. Moon, MDiv, PhD, executive director, Dallas Willard Center for Christian Spiritual Formation; author, Apprenticeship with Jesus


Jerry and Denise Basel are living out in a profound way what a growing move­ment of authors, songwriters, theologians, and everyday people have been dar­ing to express, believe and try on. It is the Original Good News, aimed at the lies we've been telling ourselves about us. The Basels are displaying, with win­some confidence, the astonishing love of the Father; which alone allows us to love ourselves honestly, deeply and wonderfully.

John Lynch, Bruce McNicol, and Bill Thrall, bestselling co-authors of The Cure, Bo's Cafe, and The Ascent


Jerry and Denise brilliantly uncover the issues that are hiding in the dark corners of our story. This book will give you permission to love yourself the way that God loves you—though it may feel selfish, it's the most unselfish thing you can do.

—Pattie Mallette, New York Times best-selling author of Nowhere but Up


The Missing Commandment: Love Yourself is a must-read in our search for true healing in intimacy with others and with God. Jerry and Denise have captured the heartbeat of this crucial struggle and provided biblical direction. Through life stories and scriptural truth, they weave a beautiful message of hope and healing. For those who long to be awakened to their true identity in Christ, these pages speak from the heart and will clearly lead readers toward finding peace and wholeness in him.

 —Kimberly Powers, co-founder, Walk the Talk Youth Ministries, Inc.; speaker; author, Escaping the Vampire: Desperate for the Immortal Hero


One of the great hindrances to people receiving the Father’s love is their inability to see themselves as he sees them. Jerry and Denise do a masterful job of helping readers find a pathway of healing from the self-hatred and low self-esteem that many have embraced for a lifetime. The Missing Commandment: Love Yourself must not be ignored.

—Roger and Gerri Taylor, co-founders, Places In The Father’s Heart, Inc.; coauthors, Our Glory Stories, The Heart of Marriage, and Love Hunger: The Unseen Force


The message of the Father’s love is incredibly important in this hour. Jerry and Denise Basel carry a clear anointing to minister this message to the hurting and broken. They possess a keen awareness of the need for ministry in this area, not only because they have extensive counseling and teaching experience but also because they themselves live close to the heart of God.

—Billy Humphrey, director, International House of Prayer Atlanta; author, To Know Him


I am pleasantly surprised at the simplicity yet power of Jerry and Denise Basel’s book, The Missing Commandment: Love Yourself. It is not a typical Christian ‘advice book,’ but rather, a truthful, profound, and appropriate treatment of a fundamental issue affecting all of our lives. You will find real truth and healing in its pages.  Be warned—it can change your life!

—Rev. Alfred Ells, MC, executive director of Leaders That Last Ministries; counselor; consultant; author, One-Way Relationships and Leaders That Last


Written from the compassionate view of seasoned counselors, The Missing Commandment: Love Yourself carefully guides us through the various issues of life and into the Father’s waiting arms. Filled with precise biblical insight, poignant testimonies, professional counsel, and practical exercises, this is indeed a rich read.

—Ed Piorek, Father Loves You Ministries; speaker, author, Father Loves You and The Central Event


The Missing Commandment: Love Yourself is a must-read for every person interested in going deeper into the intimate and personal love that our heavenly Father has for us. To love ourselves in a healthy way is simply coming into agreement with how God already loves us. Jerry and Denise have done an amazing job of communicating this simple yet profound truth.
—Barry Adams, Father Heart Communications; speaker; author,
Father’s Love Letter

Whenever I have a chance to review a book, I ask myself, “Would I use this material in a Sunday message?” In the case of this book the answer is, absolutely. I believe God is going to use the message of this book to set many people free. 

—Ken Nash, teaching pastor, Cornerstone Church, Grand Rapids, Michigan


Jerry and Denise Basel reveal the deep frontiers of recovering the lost life of the heart. This book is not just information: it is a guided path to healing, restoration, wholeness, forgiveness of self, and freedom from shame. The Basels write with simplicity, using narrative and grace-filled Scripture grounded in their personal experiences and the testimonies of others. This work is a must for every pastor and counselor and for individuals searching for a solid path to freedom from the wounds and lies that have ensnared them. It will surely be a companion to me as I reflect on my own journey and counsel others.
—Tom Colwell, director of pastoral care, Credential Holders and Pastors, Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada, Western Ontario District; co-founder, Men of Life Ministries, Canada

I am so excited about this book that words fail me. I don’t think I’ve read anything like it: personal and didactic at the same time in a very easy flow. I felt like I was sitting in the counseling room talking to Jerry and Denise. Their easy style of talking yet getting to the heart of the matter came through so well. I thought of my clients in the addiction center and knew just how much I can use this book. I can see it transforming lives, and I can't wait for it to come out because I'll buy it in bulk.

—Dr. Bill Curnow, L.I.F.E. Coaching International, Wyoming, Michigan


Jerry and Denise have written a powerful book. Reading it caused me to become more vulnerable than I had imagined and challenged by the question of whether or not I truly love myself as God calls me to.  This book is full of poignant illustrations from real people and real experiences, and of practical and thought-provoking wisdom from two skilled counselors. These pages graciously invite the reader to discover and practice self-love and to truly understand, embrace, and rest in the love of God the Father.

—A. J. Gregory, author, Messy Faith and Silent Savior and writer/collaborator on Nowhere but Up with Pattie Mallette


Finally I have a single, solid book to give clients which can help them get to the real issue under the issues. We all need to know the Father's deep love for us experientially in order to be free to be who He made us to be—able to love and live fully because our hearts are fully convinced we are are lovable, worthy, valuable human beings. I heartily recommend this book.

 —Lorraine Turbyfill, M.Ed., licensed professional counselor, certified sex therapist


The Missing Commandment: Love Yourself is a gem for every follower of Christ, especially those called to assist others on the road to inner healing. Jerry and Denise have carefully articulated the Father's heart on the issue of loving ourselves. If you're a pastor, you should read this book for personal reflection and deeper discovery of God's amazing grace. This book will also become a powerful tool in the hands of your church members as they, too, seek to love what God loves—themselves. Your church will have a greater measure of God's love to offer a hurting, broken, and lost world.

—Greg Mayo, senior pastor, Cornerstone Church of Augusta


This book touches the deep places of the heart, filling in a missing piece of spiritual formation that has largely been neglected by the church. The Basels direct us toward Father God, helping us see ourselves as He sees us. With grace and truth, they show us the way to experience inner healing and to understand the Father's heart for us. If you seek a book that answers the ques­tion, "What do you do if you struggle inside?"—a resource to help you expe­rience the Father's love in a deep and fresh way—then this is it!

—Rick Mailloux,lead pastor, Pequea Brethren in Christ Church, Lancaster, Pennsylvania


When you read The Missing Commandment: Love Yourself, you need to be ready for open-heart surgery. As I read, I felt the invisible hands of grace soothe the pain and numbness out of my heart. If you want to live from the whole of your heart and feel Jesus living through and in you, then this book is a must.

—Pablo Giacopelli, professional tennis coach on the WTA Tour and author of Holding On Loosely


Read Now

What Keeps You from Loving Someone

God Loves So Much?

How might your life change if you really believed God loves you—not just in your head but down where it counts, in your heart?

Imagine how different things could be­: The lies you’ve believed about yourself all these years dispelled. The wounds of abuse healed. Your future lit with hope, peace, and purpose. Your closeness with God and others deepened immeasurably. The true, heaven-born you free at last to live a life unclouded by shame, guilt, and fear and empowered to love others fully.

That can be you. The truth is far, far better than you’ve known.

Drawing on their many years of biblical counseling practice, Jerry and Denise Basel invite you on a journey of God-discovery, self-discovery, and truth-discovery. The Missing Commandment: Love Yourself will help you experience God’s love as the daily, motivating force in your life. And it will show you how to stop punishing and start loving someone whom your heavenly Father loves very much—YOU.

You see, the missing commandment has never been missing from the Bible, only from your life. But that can change, starting now.

                                                                               Excerpt from back cover


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